If you can't get to a boat show – let the boat show come to you

For only fiveUS dollars an entry fee the Worldwide Classic Boat Show is designed to bring the world of classic boats to life onscreen.

You are able to travel all over the world to see many of the finest classic boats while never leaving the comfort of your favourite chair. Not limited to boats, you’ll also be able to easily find and explore the classic boat world’s top organisations, including: boatbuilders, festivals, museums, schools and more.

The show was initially created by Off Center Harbor in Brooklin, Maine in the U.S. Off Center Harbor (OCH) is a leading video website for wooden and classic boats.

Now that the show has opened its virtual doors, the world wide classic boating community is helping fill in any gaps in the listings for the show. Open the main page and you are presented with a global map with links to all the boat owners who have their pride and joy on display for you. Some are even on sale.

The primary motivation for OCH in creating this online show was to use its unique worldwide reach and audience to do everything to keep the buzz going for the wooden boat communities that mean so much to to so many, during the pandemic and beyond.

There is also an extensive listing of seminars, displays, how-to's and more for the next six days while the show is open.

Sign up now, for less than AU$10!: Worldwide Classic Boat Show sign in

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