Harold Evans design seeking mast and rigging

Anyone out there help this bloke?

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Pro 28’ from New Zealand

Has anyone seen a boat like this? I am trying to find Boat #1 and Boat #2.

I recently purchased Boat #3 without mast or rigging. I am searching for help with deck layout, rigging and information about the boat and the designer, Harold Evans.

I know that Harold Evans is a New Zealand yacht designer known for incorporating 'racks' into his designs. He designed the Pro 28 race boat with two distinct features: the deck mounted tubular racks that protrude from the side on which the crew hike out, and the open sweeping transom.

It is my understanding that in 1989 there were only three of these boats built and shipped from New Zealand to California for a boat show. After their debut, Boat #1 and Boat #2 disappeared as did the mast and rigging for Boat #3. Consequently, Boat #3 never saw water and was scheduled for demolition.

Abandoned, half full of water and without mast or rigging, I bought it anyway. I could not help myself. The boat looked devilishly quick. Even lying tangled in the weeds, I could see this was a boat, not designed to draw a crowd…but to leave it behind.

Without a diagram and mast specifications I am running into rigging problems using my available used Soling mast. I am seeking help locating Boat #1 and/or Boat #2 to solve numerous questions. I am also trying to find information on Harold Evans or anyone that worked on this project.

With your help I can finish what Mr. Harold Evans started and put the wind back in her sails.

Ron Lenn

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