GWA Wingfoil – Final event kicks off with Men’s Surf-Freestyle

Report from day one – Cauipe, Brazil
Words: Liam Dredge
Photo: Svetlana Romantsova

  • Thirty-two men and twelve women have registered to compete at this final event of the season in Brazil
  • Day one kicked off with the Men’s Surf-Freestyle discipline

We are entering this final event of the GWA calendar, having already crowned our Surf-Freestyle champions last month in Tarifa. Christopher MacDonald (USA) and Nia Suardiaz (ESP) enter this event looking to end the year on a higher note. However, the Men’s FreeFly-Slalom World Champion is yet to be decided, and over the next four days, we will find out who takes the FreeFly-Slalom world title and also who can secure event wins here in Cauipe, Brazil.

Copa Kitley GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Cauipe

Located in Ceara, northern Brazil, this location is known worldwide among watersport enthusiasts. Thirty-two men and twelve women of the world’s best wingfoilers arrived early to confirm their places in the competition during registration. With the option to run both out at sea or in the lagoon, this spot can present challenges, especially seaside. However, it also allows everyone to be flexible depending on the conditions presented each day.

The focus for Day One was on the Men’s Surf-Freestyle out on the seaside. With a nice swell, the judging team combined both freestyle tricks and wave scores, which would together create a combined total score for the athletes. Six trick attempts were allowed, followed by ten wave attempts, with two from each counting, allowing a maximum total of 40 points up for grabs.

“On the freestyle side, we’re looking for height and amplitude with plenty of commitment. With that said, it must be well executed. When it comes to the waves, wave selection will play a key part in how each wave has the potential of being scored.” Alvaro Onieva, Head Judge here in Brazil, explained exactly what the GWA judging panel is looking for.

Copa Kitley GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Cauipe

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Stay updated with the Copa Kitley GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Cauipe, Brazil by following the live scoring and live ticker on the GWA website.

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