Gun Runner closes up fleet as Noakes Sydney Gold Coast wraps

The 2019 Noakes Sydney Gold Coast has officially drawn to a close, with the final boat in the fleet making her way to Main Beach this morning. The Army Sailing Club’s Gun Runner was the final boat to finish, at 0926hrs.

“It was pretty benign conditions for most of the race, we were becalmed for almost a full day but were greeted by the southerly yesterday which meant we were able to catch up a lot of time on the other boats that had already finished,” said skipper Reece Young. “This is our third Sydney Gold Coast race and we completed it in the fastest time we have ever done which is fantastic.”

Jan Koudelka, one of the crew onboard Gun Runner and competing in his first ever ocean race, was blown away by the experience of competing.

“It was pretty spectacular and challenging, even though the skipper said it was calm conditions it was certainly a roller coaster for me at times. I had to brace myself a couple of times during the race while I was on the helm but it was a really amazing experience,” said Koudelka. “It was a bit of a National Geographic trip, there were dolphins glowing in the dark at night, orca and humpback whales putting on a show. It was fantastic.”

The race was labelled an outstanding experience by Noakes Group Managing Director Sean Langman. “The 2019 Noakes Sydney Gold Coast had the biggest fleet in a decade or so, a smooth but exciting trip north and some great engagement with fans and sailors both on and off the water. We couldn’t be happier and can’t wait for next year’s race.”

Divisional winners and placegetters were celebrated at the official Prize Giving at Southport Yacht Club, with award recipients as follows:

IRC OVERALL 1st & Peter Rysdyk Trophy – Envy Scooters Barry Cuneo
IRC OVERALL 2nd – Ichi Ban Matt Allen
IRC OVERALL 3rd – Celestial Sam Haynes

IRC 0 1st – Chinese Whisper Rupert Henry & David Griffith
IRC 0 2nd – No Limit David Gotze
IRC 0 3rd – Naval Group Sean Langman

IRC 1 1st – Envy Scooters Barry Cuneo
IRC 1 2nd – Ichi Ban Matt Allen
IRC 1 3rd – Celestial Sam Haynes

IRC 2 1st & IMS Div B Perpetual Trophy – Patrice Tony Kirby
IRC 2 2nd – About Time Julian Farren-Price
IRC 2 3rd – Smuggler Sebastian Bohm

IRC 3 1st – Grace O'Malley Zoe Taylor
IRC 3 2nd – Sail Exchange Tim Horkings & Carl Crafoord
IRC 3 3rd – Patriot Jason Close

IRC 4 1st – Mistral Pierre Gal
IRC 4 2nd – Mayfair James Irvine
IRC 4 3rd – Pelagic Magic Simon Dunlop

IRC Corinthian 1st – Showtime Mark Griffith
IRC Corinthian 2nd – Wings Ian Edwards
IRC Corinthian 3rd – Ausreo Ian Creak

ORCi 1 1st – Envy Scooters Barry Cuneo
ORCi 1 2nd – Ichi Ban Matt Allen
ORCi 1 3rd – Celestial Sam Haynes

ORCi 2 1st – Patrice Tony Kirby
ORCi 2 2nd – Smuggler Sebastian Bohn
ORCi 2 3rd – Showtime Mark Griffith

ORCi 3 1st – Sail Exchange Tim Horkings & Carl Crafoord
ORCi 3 2nd – Patriot Jason Close
ORCi 3 3rd – TSA Management Tony Levett

ORCi 4 1st – Mistral Pierre Gal
ORCi 4 2nd – Mayfair James Irvine
ORCi 43rd – Ausreo Ian Creak

PHS 1 1st – Pekljus David Suttie
PHS 1 2nd – Stampede Micahel McDonald
PHS 1 3rd – Abracadabra James Murchison

PHS Corinthian 1st – Stampede Michael McDonald
PHS Corinthian 2nd – Mahligai Murray Owen & Jenny Kings
PHS Corinthian 3rd – Wax Lyrical Les Goodridge

Sydney 38 1st – The Goat The Goat Syndicate
Sydney 38 2nd – TSA Management Tony Levett
Sydney 38 3rd – Admiral Steve Piper

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