Giving back is the theme for January Cruising Helmsman

Giving back is the new year resolution.

The January issue of Cruising Helmsman highlights stories from readers who have combined their love of travelling to distant destinations along with finding ways to repay the privilege.

One lucky sailor uses his boat to transport doctors, dentists and other aid workers around the outer islands of Vanuatu. Providing medical aid, supplies and even teaching how to build a better stove is all part of his cruising lifestyle while still enjoying visiting exotic locations and meeting fantastic people. That is just one of the stories from this month's environmental issue.

One yacht saves a turtle, another teaches us how to use the principles of reuse, reduce and recycle and yet another sailor details his solar panel installation. We also take a look at how the beautiful Great Keppel Island is faring and how to enter Tasmania without carrying any nasty microbes to ruin that pristine landscape.

But it is not all lean and green, we also visit the Great Sandy Strait by trailer sailer plus take a sail on a traditional Omani yacht built with some Aussie assistance.

On the practical side, one sailor describes her process for beaching her yacht in Queensland while another tells the sad story of theft and how to deter it.

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Jeanneau JY60
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