Giving an 8 Metre some backbone and lightening her load

Following a speedy mini-refit at Fairlie Yachts in the UK last year, the beautiful Mylne designed 8m yacht Helen is currently back at the yard undergoing the replacement of her backbone.

The aim of the work is to reduce all the rotten timber and reduce her overall weight to bring her in line with her original racing displacement. Working to a tight time schedule, the Fairlie shipwrights are delicately removing all the weight that has been added to her over the years to various parts of the yacht when she was in cruising rather than racing mode. It is intended that once stripped of the excess weight, lead can be added back to her keel to restore her to her racing configuration.

Having purchased the yacht last year and enjoyed a successful season racing the 8m circuit, the owner will be racing her once again this summer at the various Classic yacht events in the Solent.

For more information on Fairlie Yachts click here.

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