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Bumper food issue for this month's Cruising Helmsman with articles helping cruisers to provision your boat for long ocean sails.

Plus how to store and protect the different foodstuffs you will need for long journeys. As well as great ideas on how and what to cook to stay fit and healthy.

On a more mechanical side, one long-term cruiser shows you how he designed and built his own fuel polishing system to keep his tanks clean and engine running smoothly. Get the October issue and learn how to build your own.

We take a 28 foot catamaran across the Great Australian Bight, taking our time to enjoy the many anchor spots along the way.

In a heartening story, one writer tells us how the cruising community came together to help save their boat after it ran aground on a remote reef on Chagos. Potential disaster averted.

Plus there are lots of stories of people reflecting on their happy memories and good friends found. Including a heart-warming story about two nurses buying their new Cruiser 51 to sail around Australia aiding remote communities.

Purchase the October issue and read all about these stories and much more.

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