Get Connected at The Helm

Since the launch of Nautilus Marine's app 'The Helm', which gives boaters quick and wasy acces to the full spectrum of marine services via their smart phone or tablet devies, healthy numbers of Nautilus Marine Insurance members and other boaters have already downloaded The Helm app and are now enjoying its many benefits.

In case you haven’t experienced it yet, here are the easy steps that will get you connected via The Helm.

1 – Download the app free from the Apple App store or Google Play Store for both iOS and Android devices. Nautilus Marine policy holders and non-policy holders alike can use The Helm.
2 – Set up a login account for easy access and add a profile photo if you choose.
3 – Fill in details about your type of boat and include any relevant information via The Glovebox photos can also be uploaded of your boat.
4 – Via The Shed section in the app, finding a repairer to carry out work on your boat is simply a matter of entering details about the services required (include photos if possible) via a submitted request detail that is sent out via the app to a vast network of suitable repairers and service agents for a quote.
5 – If a repairer provides a quote for your requested work you can accept or decline their bid and arrange to have the work done, or await more quotes.

The advantage of using The Helm for the above is, when you’re on the road or on the water a long way from your trusted 'go-to' suppliers, you can find services to help get you back on the water quickly. Helping you to connect with local marine trades around the country, The Helm app is designed to make it easier for boaters to quickly and smoothly source the right suppliers and trades people wherever they are.

Nautilus Marine has a network of certified repairers in Australia with which it works closely to provide claims-related repair work and services for policy-holders. In addition, any marine business or service provider can register with The Helm, providing a comprehensive database of marine trades and products for all types of vessels.

In the event of having to make an insurance claim, Nautilus Marine policy holders also receive extra support to help speed up any repairs and help them get back out on the water as soon as possible. When the work is completed, the app also serves as a repository for all information about servicing and maintenance carried on a boat so the owner can quickly verify the boat’s service history and what type of work was performed and when.

Having a known service history is also important in maintaining a boat’s second-hand value so being able to quickly show that a boat has been well-looked after will make negotiating a sale easier. If your boat is being surveyed prior to a sale, a well-documented service history can prove to be invaluable. And rather than scrambling around trying to find paper dockets from years back, everything you need is at your fingertips on The Helm app.

If you’ve fitted new accessories to your boat such as the latest marine stereo or auxiliary motor, upload the receipts and a photograph of the accessory to the app which will store a handy record of what was installed in the event you might need to replace it or to make an insurance claim.

The goal of The Helm app is to provide all boaters with the information they need to make the most of their boating time, keep their craft in tip-top shape and ultimately spend more time out on the water.

Don’t forget, users of The Helm app also have access to a range of exclusive benefits and updates which are unique to Nautilus Marine. The Helm app also features an extensive list of answers to frequently asked questions to help streamline your experience.

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