FreeFly-Slalom discipline continues for Day 3 in Leucate

  • Two eliminations for the women and one for the men were completed for day three of competition in Leucate
  • Nia Suardiaz and Mathis Ghio lead the rankings so far
  • Today, we plan to finish additional FreeFly-Slalom eliminations and wrap up the men’s final for Surf-Freestyle
GWA23 Leucate Day 3 -photo credit Lukas_K_Stiller
GWA23 Leucate Day 3 -photo credit Lukas_K_Stiller


Following a protest that had taken place the day before, the race committee had decided to re-run the men’s elimination 1 final. The decision was made after carefully considering the circumstances that had led to the protest and ensuring fairness for all competitors.

The re-run of the men’s elimination 1 final had been the first in the sequence of the day. By 15.30, the wind had filled in, and the FreeFly-Slalom action had commenced. The competition had been fierce, with Mathis Ghio taking an early lead as they had approached the first mark. Francesco Cappuzzo and Bastien Escofet had been close behind him, but Ghio had managed to increase his lead substantially as they had approached the FreeFly section. Titouan Galea had made a strong comeback and had managed to creep up in the second position, with Cappuzzo and Escofet falling slightly behind. In the end, Ghio had been first across the mark, with Galea in second, Escofet in third, and Cappuzzo settling for fourth.

The committee had commended all the competitors for their sportsmanship and determination and had congratulated Mathis Ghio for his outstanding performance in the men’s elimination 1 final. The excitement had been high during the men’s second elimination final, as Mathis Ghio and Bastien Escofet had battled it out for the top spot. However, as they had approached the third mark, unfavorable wind conditions had caused the AP flag to go up, and the elimination 2 final had been postponed until the following day.

GWA23 Leucate Day 3 -photo credit Lukas_K_Stiller
GWA23 Leucate Day 3 -photo credit Lukas_K_Stiller


The second women’s elimination round at the GWA Wingfoil World Cup France had seen 16 fierce competitors battle it out in two heats. Only the top four from each heat had advanced to the final round, where Nia Suardiaz had emerged as the winner for the second time in the event.

Suardiaz had demonstrated her exceptional skills and speed as she had dominated the course with ease, leaving her competitors trailing behind. Paula Novotna had secured the second spot, closely followed by Kylie Belloeuvre and Orane Ceris.

The event had showcased the impressive talent and determination of women in this sport, with each competitor pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory.

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Leucate-La Franqui, France

Words: Gemma Hamaini

Photos: Lukas K Stiller

Video: Mintautas Grigas

GWA23 Leucate Day 3 -photo credit Lukas_K_Stiller
GWA23 Leucate Day 3 -photo credit Lukas_K_Stiller
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