Eyeglass Assist offers cruisers a chance to participate

Cruising the South Pacific is an awesome experience, all agree. You experience the opportunity to visit fantastic atolls and islands and assimilate in the native lifestyle.

But we also all know that island living can be hard. Most islanders do not enjoy the same benfits that our Western lifestyle brings. Some cruisers try to even out these anomalies.

One such cruising couple is Paul Tudor-Stack and his partner Frances with their own organisation Eyeglass Assist. You can read all about their incredible initiative here: Cruising with a conscience.

They are about to embark on their next cruise with a conscience and would like invite any yachts planning to sail to the Solomon Islands this year to participate in its 2018 Eyeglass Assist program.

On their 13 metre yacht Monkey Fist will be 10,000 pairs of spectacles going to help people living in remote Solomon villages to improve their lives by having better vision, without any cost or obligation to either them or their communities.

They will be in the Solomons from the start of June until November and, if you are interested in becoming a part of this excellent program that is making a difference, send an e-mail via the website: www.eyeglassassist.org.

You will not need any prior experience as Paul and Frances will teach you all you need to know. There is no cost and there are no hidden agendas or catches. However, they guarantee you will experience something that you will never, ever forget. An enhancement to your cruising experience you will talk about forever.

If you truly love travelling, this is for you.

If you cannot assist, please pass on this linked page to others you know.

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