Excitement builds for M32 Mediterranean Series

The M32 Mediterranean Series kicks off this summer with five regattas taking place in Italy, France and Spain. Southern Europe is set to experience the same thrills of high-speed carbon-fibre catamaran racing that have already caught the imagination of sailors in Scandinavia and North America, and on the World Match Racing Tour.

The driving force behind the M32 Mediterranean Series is Riccardo Simoneschi, a world-class sailor who has been organizing grand prix racing events in Europe for almost 30 years. As well as launching and managing the Series, Simoneschi hopes to find some time to go racing too.

“I’ve been sailing every kind of boat, in the Olympic classes, the TP52 for many years, but this is something new. The M32 catamaran is thrilling, and it’s a strong sign of the way sailing is going. I have always been a monohull sailor but after a week sailing on the M32, it changed my mind about catamarans because the M32 is incredibly stiff, stable and reliable. And of course the speed is incredible.

“Now is the right moment to launch this Series in the Mediterranean. The M32 is the right boat for attracting owners who want to experience close racing, close to the shore, bringing the sport to the public and attracting the Millennials, the young generation, into sailing.”

Experienced sailors have also put their hand up to go M32 racing, such as Guido Miani, an established keelboat champion from Monaco. “The M32 is fast, sexy and fantastic to sail. Our first time out in the boat was wonderful, and we will be back for more, very very soon.” 

Another well-known owner-driver from the Italian racing scene is Eduardo Lupi. “The M32 is so responsive, it gives you the feeling that you are sailing a dinghy. It gives you that same immediate thrill and excitement. It is simple but very fun to sail. Today I have a monohull but after sailing the M32, I’m going to need a bigger garage!”

If you think you might need a bigger garage – or even if you don’t (the M32 packs up very neatly for trailing behind a 4×4 and can be launched off a slipway) – get in touch with Riccardo Simoneschi on: r.simoneschi@sailingseries.eu.

PRESENTATION EVENT Italy- Milano 16-22 May

ACT 1: Italy 24-26 June

ACT 2: FRANCE, 22-24 July

ACT 3: ITALY,19-21 August

ACT 4:  ITALY 23-25 September 

ACT 5: SPAIN, 7-9 October

– M32 Media

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