ETNZ refutes British claims about foil canting system failure

Yesterday, on the opening day of racing among the four America's Cup syndicates, the British Team INEOS failed to finish both races, citing problems with the foil arm mechanism on their boat. The mechanism is “supplied equipment”, meaning all boats use exactly the same system. 

ETNZ has responded to British comments about the system, issuing this media release:

The foil cant system (FCS) is a one-design supplied component designed and developed by ACE for all competitors. It has been used since the inception of this class.

– All teams are responsible for the installation, ongoing maintenance and operating procedures of their own systems.

– All teams are provided with full operating and maintenance instructions and programs to ensure effective and reliable performance.

– For the past few months there is a weekly coordinated call between all teams every Friday in an open and transparent environment to discuss the system and address any developments collectively.

– The maintenance and start up schedule that has been developed is a comprehensive schedule that is shared and in possession of all teams.

– In Emirates Team New Zealand’s experience if all maintenance and start up procedures are followed correctly; the system operates as designed.

– Emirates Team New Zealand has no access system to ensure these procedures are followed by any of the teams.

– In answer to INEOS TEAM UK’s suggestion that they only received a software update at 12pm yesterday.

  • This is completely incorrect and inaccurate.
  • The last software update was delivered to all teams last Friday following extensive consultation with all teams. Not midday yesterday.

– As far as The Defender is aware INEOS TEAM UK’s Foil Cant System is fully operational.

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