Eflare emergency beacon


Eflare emergency beacon
The latest Eflare floating emergency beacon is a multi-purpose marine light that uses LED technology. It operates as a regulatory white light, torch and flashing safety beacon; all easily controlled by a three way switch on the top lens. Developed in Melbourne by Eflare Corporation, the Eflare TF610W is powered by two D cell batteries for 360 degree operation that is visible for more than a kilometre at night.
It is built with impact-resistant ABS plastic with a foam-filled floatation collar and is sealed with precision o-rings for waterproofing, has an in-built battery protection system. Additionally, the fluoro-coloured beacon is provided with a
secure black rubber aviation-base mount, three metres of lanyard, attachment clips belt hooks and hanging rings.
Battery life is 40 hours and the unit has been visibility tested to seven nautical miles and up to 4000 feet. Available from leading marine retailers.

For more information: www.eflarecorp.com

LED Lenser torch
The LED Lenser P7 High Performance Light has a sturdy body combined with an efficient LED bulb that gives 130 hours of battery life from four standard AAA batteries. A focussing system allows the beam size to be adjusted to various sizes. By twisting the control knob on one direction, the light will spread out into a wide, full floodlight, very useful for searching wide-open spaces. Another twist of the knob and the beam can be focused down into a tight spotlight, ideal for pinpointing an object easily.
RRP: $129.95
Available from King of Knives stores nationally.

For more information: www.kingofknives.com.au

Redline breathalyser
Staying under the 0.05% legal alcohol level is important so this portable and disposable unit could be useful. Redline is a new self-test breathalyser and is endorsed by Crime Stoppers Australia. The unit works as a 0.05% BAC (blood alcohol content) breathalyser, the only device that is Australian Standards approved (AS-3457).
Redline is useful for skippers planning a leisurely lunch with the family, an active sailing afternoon with their mates, or for those enthusiasts who spend the whole day on the water and want to ensure they are under the legal limit before they navigate home safely.

Furlex furler
The Seldén Furlex 50S is a new jib furling system for 4 – 5mm forestays and is ideal for keelboats in the 18 to 26 foot range.
The Furlex 50S is a small and light jib furler, weighing only 7kg for the shortest 4mm version and has a drum diameter is only 120mm.
Furlex 50S has most of the functions found on the bigger Furlex systems. It features stainless steel ball bearings, load distributor in the composite halyard swivel, distance tubes to centre and insulate the forestay wire, stainless connecting plates for easy installation, halyard lead and pre-feeder. It comes complete, including a new forestay wire. Easy to buy, easy to install and, most importantly, easy to furl.
The main differences compared to the bigger units in the Furlex series are a single groove foil as opposed to twin groove, and fixed drum as opposed to a detachable drum. As these size boats normally sail with the jib completely unfurled, Furlex 50S does not have a tack ring to flatten out a reefed sail.

For more information, please visit www.seldenmast.com

Tallon drinks holder
The new Tallon stainless drink holder has been designed based on direct feedback from customers. It safely holds beer and wine bottles as well as cans. It also has a handy hook to hold everything from bottle openers to keys. Designed and engineered in New Zealand, all Tallon products can be used on any size of yacht.

For further information: www.mercurymarine.com.au

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