DuFLEX Composite Panels have new website

ATL Composites is pleased to announce the launch of the new updated website specifically dedicated to DuFLEX Composite Panels www.duflex.com.au

The site includes information on the panel options available in the range, basic applications techniques, down-loadable data sheets and projects.

DuFLEX Composite Panels were developed by ATL in the early 1990’s to reduce construction time and optimize structural weight in the production of lightweight composite structures.  Time consuming laminating, coring and vacuum bagging steps normally required to fabricate high performance composites are avoided, and material waste, labour and tooling costs are greatly reduced.   Over the years, DuFLEX has become widely accepted in the marine industry, and hundreds of projects have incorporated the system, both in Australia and Internationally.

In more recent years, lightweight DuFLEX panels have been incorporated into architectural and transportation applications where is also a demand for lighter, stronger, stiffer, more durable structures.  Complex forms can be created relatively easily, broadening design freedom and offering rapid processing and construction to significantly lower fabrication costs.

Standard DuFLEX panels are 1200mm x 2400mm cored with rigid end-grain balsa or structural foam cores, and laminated with a high-performance epoxy resin reinforced with multiaxial E-fibreglass or carbon fibre skins.  Fibre orientation and ply schedules are based on design or engineering specifications to best meet weight targets, stress and impact loads, and other design parameters. 

Our product range is continually assessed and revised, and in addition to the Standard Panel range and CNC Routed Kits, new value-added services are now available to expand the advantages of using the DuFLEX System.  High Density Inserts and Full Size Component Packs can now be supplied to reduce build times for fabricators working to tight build times.

ATL Composites is ISO 90001:2015 certified and our production facility and techniques have been audited by International Certification Group DNV-GL and have been issued with Shop Approval # KBZ 1095 for The Production of Composite Panels.  DuFLEX Panels are manufactured in a controlled environment and under-go strict Quality Inspections at all stages during the manufacturing process to ensure customers consistently receive high quality products and services.   

To view our new website and read more about DuFLEX Lightweight Panel Solutions, please go to www.duflex.com.au

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