Dredging program is adding depth to Canaipa Passage

Earlier in the year, we warned yachties who intended travelling between the Gold Coast and Brisbane of two “pinch points” in the Canaipa Passage where yachts with a draft of around 1.5m were running aground at low tide.

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority is now improving access by dredging the navigation channel at Canaipa Passage, south of Russell Island and west of North Stradbroke. A dredge has been on site now for over a week and will continue working until the end of the October.

The project involves dredging of the Canaipa Passage navigation channel and beach nourishment on the foreshore of North Stradbroke Island at Slipping Sands.

Canaipa Passage chart

The Waterways Authority warns of potential impacts:

  • A dredge will operate in the waterway including a floating pipeline which may restrict waterways access during the construction works period (approx. four weeks), however, the channel will remain open for all craft.
  • Dredge material discharged onto the foreshore may initially have a dark dirty appearance, however, the discolouration will quickly clear through bleaching by the sun and wave/tide action.

There is an alternative passage up the main channel to the west of Russell Island, but passing between North Stradbroke and Russell islands is a more interesting and beautiful way to go.

– Roger McMillan, editor and Russell Island resident.

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