Continuing saga of Kata Beach beaching

Following on from the April 2 story (Reader sends photo of yacht aground in Phuket) our man on the ground, Martin Woolnough, has sent more images and video.

On the day of the beaching there was no action until 3pm, so there was not enough time between tides.

The Thai marine salvagers on the job have rescued up to 11 boats on the beach during one particular Kings Cup, so they are experienced. They were back on the job from 11am day two after morning high tide around 10am.

Looked good and ready to go by 8pm with hopes high to refloat the boat during high tide. Unfortunately it did not work so back to square one this (Saturday) morning.

On day three two fishing boats tried to pull her off (see video link below), but failed. They plan to bring in a crane tomorrow to lift the boat out to low water mark.

Woolnough is in discussions with the boat owner to bring the full story to you.

We have images from day four with the crane and digger trying to dig a trench for the boat, but as yet no words to describe the scene – stay posted to mysailing.

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