Coach Tony Bull reports on the Australian team's build-up to the Cadet Worlds on Lake Garda.

Coaches blog #1

Hello cadet aficionados, well all the team are here in Garda. It is spectacular visually and hopefully the weather will be typical Garda conditions.

The Topper class just finished their championships and had a bit of a struggle to get races in. Lots of thunderstorm activity at night which delays the arrival of the “Ora” which comes up the lake each afternoon. So fingers crossed.

Yesterday we unpacked and set up all our boats and when the Ora arrived about 2pm we went for a two hour sail. No training just a bit of a meander to make sure all worked. A few minor issues with lines slipping and some adjustment to placement but nothing major.

Being out on the water was pretty cool, sailing under the cliffs was awesome.

Today we will have a briefing setting some protocol on behaviour and culture, based on expectations when representing Australia, no tennis brats or “unsociable footy” attitudes. Which I am sure will not be a problem.

This afternoon drill sergeant Bully will appear and a long lengthy session on water is planned.

Ciao Bully.

Tony Bull writes a regular column called Persistent Shift in Australian Sailing magazine.

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