Canon image stabilising binoculars ideal for sailors

Any sailor knows that when looking out for something at sea, whether it be a rounding mark, a navigation mark or a certain headland, the art of holding up binoculars long enough to get a steady image can be a daunting task.

A heavy seaway that includes a swell and chop make it hard enough to stand let alone get a fix on an image. It was for that reason that Peter Rendle, advertising sales manager at Yaffa Publishing, purchased a set of Canon 10 x 30 IS binoculars.

“IS stands for 'image stabilising' and that is exactly what they do. The 10 x 30s are light enough to enable the user to hold them up comfortably and to focus on the target. Once lined up and in focus the user then depresses a button on the top of the unit and this has the effect of 'stabilising' the image to allow the viewer much greater opportunity to identify the target without the normal 'image shift', an image that bobs around and is difficult to get a clear view.

“The image stabilising is particularly useful when identifying port markers and marker bouy flash sequences when navigating. Also for identifying other vessels in close quarters and coastal landmarks.

“Canon make a range of IS binoculars from 8 x 32 to 18 x 50. They are designed to be as lightweight as possible and are also described as 'all weather' so ideal for use when sailing, racing or cruising.

“Canon will have a stand at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and are inviting visitors to test its IS binoculars at the show.”

RRP (10×30): $559.00

Peter Rendle,

Yaffa Publishing

Race Yachts
Jeanneau SF30 OD
M.O.S.S Australia