Cameras to use when boating

Action cameras, adventure cameras, body- or head-cams; call them what you will – we’re talking here about the type of cameras often referred to generically as ‘GoPros’ after the company largely responsible for bringing this type of image recording device to market.

GoPro’s meteoric rise to success was powered by its ability to capture stunning point-of-view action sequences, the like of which the world had never been seen before. Unsurprisingly, the brand spawned not only a generation of imitators but also a tranche of alternatives. Today, action cameras inhabit a crowded marketplace, which is generally good news for consumers – there’s plenty of choice, prices are affordable and what can be achieved in terms of results is nothing short of breathtaking.

No matter which type of action camera you opt for, there are a number of key features to consider before you buy a GoPro for boating.

What to look for in a top GoPro for boating

Build quality: Any action camera needs to be rugged, tough and durable as they’re going to be taken to places ordinary cameras fear to tread. From under(salt)water to strapped to the mast in a gale, a GoPro for boating needs to be able take whatever you and the environment decide to throw at it.

Video quality: In terms of image quality, the options include HD, 4K and 6K. Then there’s the output format; MP4, HEVC and so on. Video is a complex business, so think about the quality you want to achieve and how you want to view it.

Sound quality: Consider sound as well. If audio quality is important to your videos, then a camera with an external microphone socket is a must. Do your homework so you can make an informed choice when it comes to deciding which GoPro to buy for your boating adventure.

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