Buy Laser Smart Sleeves and maybe win a Mazda

Laser, an Australian electronics company, is a major supporter of Big Ws 'Win big' promotion leading up to Christmas.

During the promotion anyone purchasing more than $100 worth of home entertainment products (including Laser Smart Sleeves perfect for yachties) can enter a draw to win one of six Mazda 3s or hundreds of instant prizes.

Laser's focus on affordable, innovative technology sees it introduce a range of water resistant ‘smart sleeves’ to protect your phone and tablet. With summer here Australians are hitting the water with the family or to participate in their favourite outdoor sports and recreations. People are increasingly taking their technology with them on these pursuits so they can use specialist apps and stay connected with family and friends.

“Australians love technology almost as much as they love being outdoors. Until now combining these passions often meant a soggy and expensive end as smartphones and tablets were ruined by water, sand, dirt or grease,” said Monika Centrone, marketing executive at Laser.

“Now with these simple to use and inexpensive smart sleeves your technology can stay clean and dry in almost any conditions,” she said.

The smart sleeves come in a range of sizes to fit most popular models and are available in packs of 5 for tablets or 10 for smartphones. The Zip lock covers are simple to use and are resistant to water, sand, food, grime and dirt.  The devices remain fully functional while protected so users can talk, listen, text and play in almost any environment.

“The sleeves make a perfect Christmas stocking filler and can be easily stored in a bag, purse or glovebox, ready to be used whenever required”, said Centrone. 

As well as outdoors, the sleeves are ideal for use inside while painting or cooking and can resist even the stickiest and dirtiest fingers from a toddler or child. 

“A recent Telstra survey showed that nearly 70% of Aussie kids under 17 own a smartphone and we know that tablet use is beginning at an earlier and earlier age. It’s no secret that kids get wet, get dirty and don’t always protect valuable technology as well as they should. These smart sleeves offer a simple solution to help extend the life of any mobile device”, said Centrone.

Laser also sees a strong market for the product among tradespeople who often use their devices on dirty and dusty worksites. The smart sleeves offer an affordable alternative to the purpose built ruggedized solutions targeted at this market.

The smart sleeve range is available in from Big W, Officeworks and selected retailers as well as online at Laser 

RRP $12.95 for 10 smartphone sleeves or $15.95 for 5 tablet sleeves.

Check out Laser's range of other products available at Big W and enter the competition for the chance to win a Mazda. 

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