B&G offers free software upgrade that gives navigators valuable startline information

B&G has announced the latest in its software updates for the Zeus2 series multi-functional displays (MFD) and Glass Helm systems. The new software focuses on racing startline technology that helps the navigator put the yacht in the right place at the right time during the start of a race.

The update can even calculate the future with the ‘What If?’ function, which allows the user to simulate a range of different sailing options, for example, wind shifts during the current leg or determining the options for sail selection, depending on wind strength and direction on future legs of the course.

The new B&G software update introduces a new Race Panel menu screen to the Zeus2 display which allows access to a selection of sail racing features. It has four different modes covering Race Timer, the ‘What if?’ function, H5000 style startline data and Deckman style startline scaled view, giving sailors a multiple number of display choices.

The new Zeus2 software now makes the startline set up process simple by allowing the user to just input the Port and Starboard ends, either by ‘pinging’ to set them to the yacht’s current position, setting them at waypoint or cursor and then if necessary, finely adjusting the settings by nudging the end of the line on the Zeus2 screen up or down.

Once these basic settings are in place, the user also has the option of entering a windward/leeward course directly using the range and bearing to the windward mark, the number of laps in the race and position of the startline relative to the leeward gate. The processing technology of the H5000 works in conjunction with the Zeus2 large format touchscreen displays and Glass helm HD screens, giving the user visual feedback throughout the race.

Zeus2 will also now be able to display route summaries showing current true wind angle (TWA) for each leg, allowing the crew to determine likely sail selections in advance, along with the ability to input waypoints using range and bearing from the current position where this is provided by the Race Committee.

B&G says the software update, combined with the H5000 and Zeus2, helps give both professional and amateur sailors the advantage they need when it comes to winning races.

The new software is available to download from the B&G website www.bandg.com/en-AU/Support/Downloads/ from 29th July 2015. For more information on the new Race Panel go to: www.bandg.com/RacePanel and details on the Zeus2 range of chartplotters and H5000 series visit: www.bandg.com/en-GB/Product-Groups/Zeus2/

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