B&G adds Predict Wind to Zeus and Vulcan chartplotters

B&G has announced its latest software updates will bring PredictWind weather services direct to its Zeus and Vulcan[1] chartplotter range. The online-based weather forecasting service provides the very latest weather and sailing information to sailors all around the world.

The new software update will enable sailors with PredictWind accounts to plan routes utilising PredictWind information such as wind, swell, rain, cloud, isobar and air temperature directly on the B&G chartplotter. The new software enables sailors to enter a normal route and then receive a number of suggested optimum routes based on different weather models, times and days.

The information on the routes can be based on departures at a fixed time, good for racing yachts, or can provide multiple routes based on different departure times, for example leave at 17:00 on a Friday or +24 hours, +48 hours, +72 hours later. This way a sailor can compare the options that are best for the journey that is being undertaken.

In addition, to the PredictWind feature the software update installs the following:

  • Navionics Dock-to-Dock Autorouting creates intelligent, detailed routes for navigating through cramped, narrow passageways and channels. The sophisticated Navionics algorithm factors in data from nautical charts and SonarChart Live, like chart data, navigation aids and water depth, to display the suggested route. Dock-to-dock Autorouting requires a Navionics card with an active chart updates subscription.

  • SonarChart Live helps raise awareness of shallow areas and reveals uncharted bottom features. SonarChart Live requires a Navionics mapping card with an active chart updates subscription.

  • With Navionics Plotter Sync, sailors can easily download the latest Navionics chart data and transfer waypoints and routes between the Navionics app and a Navionics card via the wireless connectivity to Vulcan/Zeus. Additionally, waypoints and routes can be imported from the Navionics card to the waypoints/routes/trails database of both display families. Plotter Sync requires a subscription to the Navionics app and a Navionics mapping card with an active daily updates subscription.

  • New software enhancements to both the Vulcan and Zeus range enable them to also work directly with all third-party audio equipment that conforms to the NMEA 2000® Marine Entertainment/Audio Protocol, including select equipment from audio partners, JL Audio®, Infinity® and Polk® – with more audio brands to come.

Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico, parent company to B&G said: “This free update with direct PredictWind access adds a significant functionality to the already feature packed Vulcan and Zeus chartplotter range.” Adding, “We recommend that B&G customers regularly check for software updates to their systems. Or at least at the beginning of each sailing season as we regularly enhance our products with features and updates to ensure reliability and a better experience for racers or cruising sailors.”

Over the last year, B&G has released a number of software updates including, Start Line and Race Panel functionality for both the Vulcan and Zeus range.

The new software is available to download from the B&G website www.bandg.com/en-GB/Support/Downloads/ from the end of February 2017. For more information on the Zeus and Vulcan chartplotter range visit: www.bandg.com

For more information about PredictWind visit: www.predictwind.com

[1] Excluding the Vulcan 9

(PredictWind and additional software updates to be included in later software releases for the Vulcan 9)


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