Best boats of 2022

Turns out it takes more than a pandemic to keep sailors, naval architects and boatbuilders down.

It wasn’t fair, but there’s no denying some parts of the global economy fared better than others this past year, and among the lucky ones was the marine industry. Not that it was all smooth sailing. Supply and workplace issues certainly put a crimp in productivity, as was evident in the fewer number of entries in last year’s Best Boats contest.

However, the industry has since come roaring back, and the result is a Best Boats class of 2022 that’s as healthy as we have seen in years.

Dufour 470

Unveiled in tandem with the Dufour 61, the Dufour 470 is no less impressive a boat.

As has been the case with a number of other Dufour models of late, the boat is available in three different versions: an “Easy” version with a simplified deck plan that will likely prove most popular in the charter market; an “Ocean” version with upgraded sail controls for cruisers looking to get the most they can out of their jib and main; and a “Performance” version for those interested in racing. 

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