Be inspired by the ‘Blue Mind’ theory and get out on Whitsunday water

With the beautiful winter weather calling visitors to our region and tempting locals to get out and explore their own backyard, the importance and value of nature has never been more apparent than it is now.

Whilst the incredible natural assets in the Whitsundays have always been something of a drawcard, from the postcard-perfect Hill Inlet to the iconic Heart Reef formation, not to mention the endless vistas of yachts, islands and tropical coastlines, there is a new reason to want to get back to nature this winter – it is good for your health.

The Coral Sea Academy is looking forward to hosting another educational and inspirational event this month, inviting locals and visitors to attend a free event at The Lookout Lounge, Coral Sea Marina, on Saturday 26th June, to explore the “Blue Mind” theory and the surprising science of how being on the water can benefit your wellbeing and happiness.

Coral Sea Marina

This information is perhaps not surprising to many boaters. Recent research has confirmed what many in the boating community already know – we experience mental and emotional benefits by being near, in, on or under the water.

This free event is inspired by the work of Dr Wallace J Nichols, leading researcher on these benefits, marine biologist and author of best-selling book “Blue Mind”, based on the scientific connection between water and happiness.

“In this new Covid world, people’s mental wellbeing has never been more important,” explains Joscelyn O’Keefe, Marketing, Sales & Service Manager at Coral Sea Marina.

“We felt like it was the perfect time to shine a light on this important topic, after the challenging year many people have faced with the impact of the pandemic. Our next Coral Sea Academy event is the perfect platform to encourage locals and visitors to get out on the water and look after their own mental wellbeing.

“There are so many ways you can get out on the water in the Whitsundays -from booking a tour with any of our incredible operators to hiring a bareboat or a tinnie, from inviting friends to join you on your own boat to hopping on as crew in the weekly Twilight sailing races.

“With the beautiful winter’s days we are having, there has never been a better time to get back to nature.”

Guests to this upcoming Coral Sea Academy event can expect to be inspired by a selection of inspirational speakers that will touch on the true value of boating and mindfulness in nature. This event offers the opportunity for people to gain awareness, hear from passionate mental health advocates and discover ways in the Whitsundays to get out on the water.

Coral Sea Marina welcomes inspirational guest speaker, James Prascevic, who will share his own story as an ex-solider who overcame destructive post-traumatic stress through a simple love of the ocean.

What started as evenings fishing off a pier quickly progressed to his on-water journey to health and happiness which saw him go from soldier to sailor to World Sailing Record holder.

“I feel 110 percent mentally and physically well when on or around the water,” Prascevic says.

“I hope by sharing my story it may inspire others to discover the real benefits associated with boating and being in nature. It can be as simple as taking a walk on the beach, fishing with a friend on a pier or going for a twilight sail. There is real value in investing time in yourself and where better to do this than on the Whitsunday waters?”

Coral Sea Academy guests can also expect to learn and be inspired by representatives from the Whitsunday Suicide Prevention Network and as well as local wellness coach, Bec Russell.

“Being in nature is the most perfect environment to recharge, reset and gain physical and emotional energy”, Bec explains. “I will be providing some of my coaching methods at the Coral Sea Academy to help you find the tools to recognise and nurture your own wellbeing,” Russell says.

“Learn some practical tips to enjoy both on your vessel and on the shore that will help you reconnect with nature and yourself.”

This is a free event open to the whole community and an invitation is extended to any visitors to the region to enjoy an educational tourism experience whilst exploring the beautiful Whitsunday region.

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