Australian Sailing adopts National Integrity Framework

Australian Sailing has taken a leap forward in protecting the integrity of our sport, in formally adopting the framework of policies provided by Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) effective from 1 March 2022.

In adopting the National Integrity Framework, Australian Sailing will be able to streamline the management of crucial integrity issues by having clear and consistent guidelines and having complaints handled independently and transparently through the SIA or the National Sports Tribunal.

The policies within the Framework are publicly available on the Australian Sailing website and include:

  • National Integrity Framework
  • Member Protection Policy
  • Child Safeguarding Policy + SA Addendum
  • Improper Use of Drugs & Medicine Policy
  • Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy
  • Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

Adoption means that the Policies apply to all organisations in Clubs, Class Associations and Discover Sailing Centres, and all participants and people holding Australian Sailing accreditations. Past integrity related policies always intended to provide a single framework for all levels of sailing. This step and the new Framework simply provide clarity and streamlines the approach.

People involved in the administration of Clubs, Class Associations and Discover Sailing Centres should complete Sport Integrity Australia’s online induction which explains the policies and how they work together.

This course is designed to ensure you know exactly what the new integrity polices mean for you and sailing. Its purpose is to help you understand how the new policies are designed to protect you, and your members. The course focuses on what sort of behaviour and conduct counts as a breach of each policy, what your responsibilities are as an administrator in your organisation, and how individuals can make complaints about possible breaches.

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