Aussie couple proving to be an inspiration to many aspiring cruisers

 Meet John and Leanne who have been sailing and cruising for over 20 years.

With 50,000 nm under their keels in motor cruisers monohulls and multihulls, both power and sail, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

John and Leanne have cruised the east coast of Australia, crossed the pacific, purchased vessels overseas, been through a category 4 cyclone aboard their boat in Fiji, lost the same boat to lightning strike one year later and faced their fair share of storms and challenges at sea. They have also made the return voyage from Australia to Fiji, via New Caledonia & Vanuatu six times in the last 7 years.

For the majority of the captains and crew aboard 100 plus vessels that have joined the go East Rally from Australia this was their first ocean crossing and the achievement of a dream to sail and cruise the SW Pacific.

To assist those who are planning to spend extended periods either coastal or offshore cruising the Down Under Rally has held their very popular Offshore Cruising Preparation Course in venues in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

In April 2020 in response to requests to make the course available to those who are unable to attend the course in person the Down Under Rally has made the entire two-day Offshore Cruising Preparation Course available on line.

The course was recorded and the recording then professionally edited to break down the two days of content into 10 easy to watch sessions of about 1 hour per session, all of which are available to watch as a series online and on demand .

During the course John and Leanne share their experiences, the lessons learned and the knowledge gained along with the experiences they have had sailing to and cruising in many different countries.

If you are thinking of heading off into the blue then this is your chance to learn from their mistakes and make your experience safer and more enjoyable as well as saving $$$$ in the process!

To learn more about the Down Under Rally Offshore Cruising Preparation Course visit:





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