All Australian sailing competitors must be club members from January 2022

Australian sailing clubs are reminded that from 1 January 2022 all competitors in any race are required to be a member of a club.

Extensive work was done in early 2020 on communicating a change in policy that all competitors participating in races are required to be a member of an affiliated club and registered with Australian Sailing. Clubs planning their calendar and race documents for next season are reminded of this change. The position is expressed in the Australian Sailing Prescription to rule 46.

The reasons for the change relate to sailing’s future strength; sustainability of clubs, and also safety. Clubs want a strong membership base and people competing in their races should be a member of a club in some way. Being a member of a club and registered with Australian Sailing gives clubs information of who is racing, which is an important part of their approach to safety. Being registered with Australian Sailing also provides a basic insurance which serves as a safety net to people who, through injury or accident, incur financial loss.

Australian Sailing has made systems available to clubs who want to provide short term, introductory or other flexible membership arrangements to competitors. The system is SailPass and it has been rolled out nationally, and enthusiastically taken up by many clubs. The system provides flexibility for clubs to make competitors members for any appropriate terms. Membership under SailPass is considered by Australian Sailing to be membership of a club and provides for registration of the crew with Australian Sailing. A significant amount of work has been done in the SailPass system and it is proving a valuable tool for clubs wanting to offer flexible and attractive membership options.

This strategic priority is completely compatible and in line with the priorities of any affiliated club. Clubs want competitors to be members and if not be a member with them, support the network of clubs and become a member elsewhere.

To answer any further questions on the changes to rule 46, we have created a list of FAQs which will give you information on what SailPass is, how it integrates with clubs and how it can benefit casual racing. You will find it here.

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