Abell Point Marina dredging program in full swing

A full scale dredging program has commenced at Abell Point with significant progress already achieved in the first month.

By the start of the cruising season in May, the program will have addressed tide access areas in various locations in the south marina including O/P arm and Superyacht berths in L arm. Dredge spoil is being pumped up into a sealed retention pond which will be developed into a community parkland before the end of the year.

The dredging program is anticipated to have minimum impact on the access to berths however intermittent relocation of the dredging barge and equipment may cause some short term access issues.  The dredging team work in very closely with the marina office, so contact the marina office if there any queries or concerns about access to a berth.

Over the next four months, the dredging team are committed to maximising all tide access in historically low areas and will be a key development for the busy season expected from May of this year.


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