A tight battle at KiteFoil Youth Worlds

Gizzeria, Italy: Another windy, wet and wild day on the water for the 65 young athletes competing at the 2021 Formula Kite U19 and A’s Youth Foil World Championship.

Kitefoilers sitting on the beach
65 KiteFoilers competed on the second day of the Championship.

Yesterday’s very strong breeze kept on blowing during the night and picked up as the sun came out in the morning. It was still averaging more than 20 knots when the first kiters arrived at Hang Loose Beach, with wind gusts of up to 25 knots and plenty of chop. It lightened throughout the day, and the competitors ended up completing four races.

The women were the first to hit the water around midday. The top three athletes, all coming from Poland, battled it out for the top spot. Julia Damasiewicz, Magdalena Woyciechowska and Nina Arcisz are all within 12 points of each other.

Magdalena Woyciechowska (POL)
Magdalena Woyciechowska (POL) currently sits in second place.

17 year old Arcisz  said, “I started kiting five years ago and I’ve loved it since then, it is my biggest passion. There is a nice group of riders in Polond. We all train together and compete at the Polish Cup from May to August. It’s great, the sport keeps us close. We fight on the water, but we are a team and when we are not sailing we hang out together”.

In the men’s Formula Kite the battle for first is being fought between Maximilian Maeder (SGP) and Riccardo Pianosi (ITA). Pianosi sits just four points behind Maeder. They both came away with two bullets each. Third spot for the Dutch sailor Jis Van Hess, only seven points from Pianosi.

In the A’s Youth Foil Jan Koszowski is still the leader. Koszowski had three wins, but unfortunately finished the day with DNC in the last race, leaving some room to Mikhail Novikov (RYF) and Angelo Soli (ITA). Enzo Louber (FRA) is the best Under 15 rider and Gal Boker (ISR) is the fastest girl.

15 knots is forecasted for tomorrow’s racing.

Formula Kite Male Results after 4 races

1       SGP 80    Maximilian Maeder      6 pts
2       ITA 38      Riccardo Pianosi       10 pts
3        NED 11     Jis van Hees    17 pts
4      POL 37    Jakub Jurkowski    21 pts
5    NED 58    Sam Aben    34 pts

Formula Kite Female Results after 4 races

1       POL 18    Julia Damasiewicz    6 pts
2       POL 7     Magdalena Woyciechowska      11 pts
3        POL 4    Nina Arcisz      12 pts
4      FRA 25    Heloise Pegourie    13 pts
5    FRA 22     Zoe Boutang    14 pts

A’s Youth Foil Results after 4 races

1       POL 50    Jan Koszowski    6 pts
2       RYF 17      Mikhail Novikov       11 pts
3       ITA 75      Angelo Soli    14 pts
4      BEL 57     Daan Baute    22 pts
5     NED 48      Duuk van Hees    26 pts

Full results: https://formulakite.org/sailwave/liveresults.htm

M.O.S.S Australia
M.O.S.S Australia