2020 Boat Shows have not been cancelled

The Boating Industry Asociation Ltd (BIA) advises that there are no plans to cancel any of its boat shows. This applies to its portfolio of Rosehill, Adelaide, Sydney & Brisbane.

The BIA considers the situation in relation to the Coronavirus as important and is working diligently with all stakeholders to ensure preparedness. The situation is fluid and rumours about boat show cancellations are unfounded.

The Rosehill Show is at capacity with only betting ring space available, exhibitor bookings for Adelaide have commenced, Sydney bookings are on par with last year and the Brisbane Show is close to capacity.

The BIA team is participating in numerous activities and is working with stakeholders and government agencies to understand our position and learn from other industries as to how they are managing the situation. At this point in time there has been no government directive to cancel or postpone any event.

Domenic Genua, General Manager of Marketing and Events said, “The situation is changing daily and we cannot predict how things will pan out over the coming weeks. Whilst we are confident and are pushing ahead with our planning, we are likewise not being complacent. We are meeting with our venues and suppliers, as well as industry colleagues and government departments to place us in the strongest possible position. For now we foresee that the much needed show circuit will proceed as planned, and the BIA team is working to deliver its usual high standard of events”

Dates have been set for BIA Ltd's 2020 Boat Shows.

Rosehill Trailer Boat Show
4-5 April 2020

Adelaide Boat Show
26-28 June 2020

Sydney International Boat Show
30 July – 3 August 2020

Brisbane Boat Show
21-23 August 2020

Jeanneau SF30 OD
JPK August 2023
Cyclops Marine