Thomson has suggested that he isn't finished with the Vendee Globe and wants to better his second place.

Thomson finished with a time of 74d, 19h, 35m, 15s and just under 16 hours behind Le Cléac'h.

Fifteen maxis and the American trimaran Phaedo³ are among the speedsters entered.

Le Cléac'h averaged an incredible 15.43 knots of boat speed over the 27,455 miles he actually sailed, on occasion hitting speeds in excess of 30 knots.

Alex Thomson has had problems with his wind instruments and autopilot and has not slept for two days.

Calmer seas and steady trade winds are allowing the crew to get some rest and attend to minor maintenance issues before the final sprint home.

Campaign boss, Joe Akacich explains everything went in to getting Loyal across the finish line.

The skippers, split by just 95 nautical miles, were eating up the 1,300nm standing between them and the finish line in Les Sables d'Olonne, France.

Jean-Pierre Dick set a new record for the fastest time from Cape Horn to the Equator.

Thomson said his last chance of winning the 2016-17 Vendée Globe lies with a ridge of high pressure close to the finish line.

IDEC SPORT was more than 4 days and 6 hours ahead of the previous mark.

At the 1400 UTC position update Le Cléac'h had pulled out his advantage over second-placed Alex Thomson to 226nm.

On the final approach to the third cape, the crew have to make the choice out of a northern or southern route.

As Le Cléac'h closes in on the finish line, Alex Thomson continues to make gains on the leader.

Le Cléac'h and Thomson will break free of the Doldrums today, reports indicate.