The lead over the record has been growing steadily over the hours and now exceeds 700 miles, but Francis and his crew are in survival mode owing to dangerous conditions.

The strong NW’ly air stream that is accompanying IDEC SPORT and her crew should enable them to be propelled at around thirty knots to the Channel approaches.

Joyon and his crew will arrive at the European finish line with tea from their Vietnam stopover - to help promote the ancient way of growing tea.

The mother and daughter duo of Melanie and Jasmine Morris particularly enjoyed WTC’s win, as they were on a boat where women outnumbered the blokes.

The event opens with the Round Raid, an 80 mile race between Fort de France and the Marin.

Conditions are varying rapidly for the crew on their way to London and the finish of the Tea Route record.

The National Safety Committee has appointed Tim Cox (chair), Chris Zonca and Frank Walker to conduct the review.

Around 70 teams will be taking part with well over 700 sailors competing.

Although behind record pace, the giant trimaran is hooking into traditional NE trades for the run to London.

With 3200 miles to go and with thirteen days to go to beat the record, the whole crew on IDEC SPORT is obviously dreaming of stepping up the pace in the trade winds and then in the powerful westerly air stream in order to finish in style.

A fortnight ago, they had a lead of 750 miles and even two days ago the lead was more than 500 miles, but now IDEC SPORT’s lead has been cut to just 220 miles.

The teams have reported increased boat speeds and the varied change in conditions has introduced the newer crew members to a faster paced ocean racing environment.

Crews have been taking advantage of light winds and racing under kite while they can – because it can all change in a heartbeat.

Ahead of Joyon and crew are light and variable winds, meaning they have to remain vigilant and respond quickly to changes.

The presentation will cover boat selection, deck layout, essential equipment, sail design and selection, crew credentials, training schedules plus a Q& A opportunity.