Australians are doing well: Team Hollywood, AquarII, Sydney Premier Karting Park, The Dragon, Lady Bubbly, BeauX Esprits, Venture, Phantom V, Fugazi and Surf Patrol all in the winner's circle.

In the closest of finishes with Azzurra, Quantum Racing has skated home to claim the first title for 2019.

In a great effort, Australia won Gold in the Mixed Nacra 15, Silver in the Laser and Bronze in the 29er.

New U23 Finn world champion, Oskari Muhonen, had a bad day by his standards, but still made an early title claim.

While Quantum looks likely to repeat the success she had last year, winning the Rolex TP52 Worlds on Portuguese waters, navigator Cameron Appleton plays down their prospects.

Pieter Taselaar's Bliksem won five of the six races, astounding considering it is his first M32 European Series event - and with a chartered boat.

Wave surfing and near broaches kept competitors on their toes in the tricky conditions which were mastered by Australian Ray Roberts and his Team Hollywood.

The Australians won Nacra 15 Gold with a day to spare, while other Australians have been spurred on by their team mates and are in contention.

Numerous high profile black flags combined with both good and bad performances from various players has set the scene for an exciting final three races to decide the 2019 U23 and U19 champions.

All they have to do in their final race is stay out of trouble and avoid a non-discardable disqualification or penalty.

Glorious blue skies and sunshine were quickly replaced by building ominous clouds over the island's southeast corner.

After a disappointing Puerto Sherry regatta last month when they finished seventh overall, Quantum Racing are on fire off Cascais and lead the third regatta of the season by six points.

Most of the day was sailed in under 10 knots with limited chances for the bigger sailors to gain downwind with free pumping.

Two solid second places from the windiest day of the Series so far sees Quantum Racing three points clear.

In the Nacra 15, Will Cooley and Rebecca Hancock are challenging for the lead while Archie Cropley and Max Paul are a distant second to a dominant Norwegian crew in the Boy's 29er.