Artie, seen here in his feline lifejacket, snoozed quietly through the dramatic mission to rescue the yacht. It was snared on lobster pot-lines six miles north of town.

World Sailing Ethics Commission members have resigned after the body investigated allegations that President Kim Andersen had misused signatures, with Andersen accusing the Commission of "questionable actions".

The decision was made after careful consideration of all aspects of organising and running a national standard event and the logistical challenges arising for competitors and their families from the current border restrictions.

Police said when they approached the vessel, the 61-year-old man became aggressive towards officers, produced a knife and refused to disembark.

The sole person involved in the incident was rescued from the water by a good Samaritan.

All on board the yacht were required to go into quarantine at a state-approved hotel, at their own expense.

Tom Slingsby is one of the sailors who appears in the movie, although it may be hard to spot him when the final editing is done.

The review reinforced the importance of ensuring clubs are at the centre of a sustainable future for youth sailing and that the development of a club-based coaching program is a priority coming out of this review.

Based on a sample size of 47% of Australia’s 309 club and commercial marinas, the survey report provides comprehensive insights into what is proving to be a very resilient industry sector.

When the Sparkes Marina said they had no room for the damaged yacht, it continued to Portsmouth under its own motor.

It is controlled from the bridge and a simple switch launches or recovers the kite which unfolds, operates, and refolds autonomously.

"To grossly misuse the World Sailing Ethics Committee as a political tool and put into disarray the image of World Sailing by fabricating claims and using a misunderstanding as an ethics claims is unacceptable."

Officials say those on board lived on Tortuga and had been to the main market in Saint-Louis-du-Nord. The Ancelita, was overloaded and had not been granted permission to sail.

Unfortunately the situation in Spain and other parts of Europe means that an increasing number of sailors will be affected by travel restrictions in Spain and at home.

The boat was beached at North Haven Beach in mid-July after bad weather and a comedy of errors led it to drift to shore.

While coordinating rescue efforts with the MMSC, the Coast Guard crew moved into action when they spotted sharks encircling the turtle.