In partnership with Australian Geographic, world record-holding sailor Lisa Blair will release her first book ‘Facing Fear’ on 1 November, 2020.

It could have been a completely different story for the group of eight, including four children, had they not had life jackets and an activated EPIRB.

During COVID-19, MSQ has become experienced in developing new and effective processes in very short timeframes, and the 24/7 border management patrols were no exception.

IUU is a collection of dishonest fishing practices threatening the sustainability of fish stocks worldwide.

As tropical storm Sally passed by Florida and began to gain strength into a powerful hurricane it placed several sailors in distress, prompting rescues.

All the partnerships agreed for in 2020, as well as delegates tickets, will be transferred to the 2021 event.

The results of the ballot will be announced on 1 November 2020 at the General Assembly which will be held as a virtual meeting.

Researchers say that it is not unusual for orcas, who are highly social and curious animals by nature, to follow boats or even interact with the rudder as a form of play. However, it is unnatural for them to become aggressive.

Having ascertained that none of the crew were injured, two lifeboat crewman were transferred to the smaller of the two yachts, which had a broken mast, to help make her safe.

A nearby motor vessel crew reported a member aboard the Sirus had suffered a minor head injury and the vessel had damage to its sails, engine and steering components.

The boat was tied up when it's motor broke down, obviously came loose and floated south, where it ended up coming to rest on a private dock.

Following the season opener in San Francisco in April and New York SailGP in June, the championship will move to Plymouth from July 17-18 for the third event in Season 2.

One of Australia’s longest-serving sports writers, the yachting correspondent and commentator Peter Campbell, died in Hobart yesterday, aged 89.

Artie, seen here in his feline lifejacket, snoozed quietly through the dramatic mission to rescue the yacht. It was snared on lobster pot-lines six miles north of town.

World Sailing Ethics Commission members have resigned after the body investigated allegations that President Kim Andersen had misused signatures, with Andersen accusing the Commission of "questionable actions".

The decision was made after careful consideration of all aspects of organising and running a national standard event and the logistical challenges arising for competitors and their families from the current border restrictions.