The radar features Doppler wind and real-time rain information for the first time, which will enhance the Bureau’s ability to monitor storm severity and fine-tune warnings during severe weather events.

Landlubbers don’t see the Amalfi from the sea and they don’t see some of the places included in the itinerary of the Amalfi Coast Yacht Rally.

The mission is to sail to a stunning beach, spend an hour or so cleaning it and then spend the day enjoying it.

Take your teens sailing in the Greek Islands during the School Holidays this July.

The Kornati National Park combined with the coastal towns between Sibenik and Zadar offers a perfect mix of quaint sea ports, isolated bays and islands with just a comfortable number of seaside and seasonal restaurants.

Trevor Joyce of Mariner Boating Holidays recounts the magical experiences to be had on a catamaran rally around the Dodecanese islands of the Aegean.

The outward view from the deck of a chartered yacht at $5,000 per person for two weeks will be exactly the same as that of the man who spent $US30 million floating his boat!

A highlight of the regatta in its early years, the traditional Thursday night beach party was resurrected in 2019 after a long absence.

The year begins deep in prehistoric waters, with the Sea Monsters exhibition, and ends in the canals of Venice. In‑between these two major exhibitions, the Museum’s 2020 programming will take visitors around the world.

The Queensland Government has announced that Shute Harbour will be restored, following cyclone damage sustained in 2017, with another $10 million committed to the project after it was delayed by technical issues.

The City Deal is investing a further $3.5 million to support the installation of the wave attenuator – a vital element to the delivery of the $19 million project.

The 520-berth marina resort is a Queensland tourism destination set in the scenic Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.

In a first for the Australian recreational marina industry, the new marina will include covered berths.

The attenuator/breakwater extension now includes a 90m section to the south and a right-angled 60m westward arm which provides additional protection to the marina, offering a safe haven for all conditions.

As a vital part of the boating infrastructure in the region, anyone with an interest in how the harbour and surrounding areas of the Bay should be developed in the future is recommended to attend.

The exhibition tells two very different sides of the same story – Bligh as hero, and Bligh as villain – asking the visitor to decide by casting their vote at the end of the exhibition.