The exhibition tells two very different sides of the same story – Bligh as hero, and Bligh as villain – asking the visitor to decide by casting their vote at the end of the exhibition.

This is a gargantuan slice of adventure cake that, if you manage to finish, will make you clinically obese with prestige.

Hosted by Lure in the Coral Sea Marina Resort, the workshops will be held on Thursday, August 1, and are free to attend.

The zoning plan includes a provision to prohibit individual boats entering the marine park on more than 120 days per year.

Trinity’s purpose-designed wave attenuator ensures a safe, tranquil harbour in all weather.

The Museum displays video, detailed 3D models and mosaic maps of shipwrecks from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The author claims that by mid-century, a Transpolar Passage will open across the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole.

The regatta will be sailed on the SB20 sailboats at the unique and beautiful Lake Kezenoy-Am, located in northern part of Caucasus Mountains.

Abell Point Marina and the Coral Sea Resort will become Coral Sea Marina/Resort.

The new marina, announced last year, is located at the mouth of the Burnett River on Queensland's Wide Bay, 20km from Bundaberg.

The side trailing suction dredgers Port Frederick and Faucon will be active in the Coomera River between the entrance of the South Arm at Sovereign Islands through to Sanctuary Cove.

The Roaring Forties in the Northern Hemisphere don’t pack the same punch that they do in the Southern Hemisphere.

The story of how a uni. student went from penniless to pirate yacht owner.

If you own a classic schooner you may as well race it in the best spots.

Construction has recommenced in the New Year with the 150m major extension of the attenuator/breakwater and the next 73 berths.