The latest collaboration is described as a high performance design for inshore and offshore racing.

It's happened - a production cruising yacht with DSS foils to keep the boat more upright, reduce motoring time and shorten passage time by as much as 30%.

The French designer looks at progress in Vendee Globe design since 2007.

In 2016 2.6 million people lived in a household with a boat but only 166,000 (down from 176,000) were yachts or other sailboats.

Roger McMillan tests the little sports boat tha is a lot of bang for your buck.

In 1966, at the age of 17, the New Zealand yachting legend started to build his first keel yacht in the backyard of his family home on Auckland's North Shore.

Production will be at the same facility that McConaghy is already building for many leading brands, including its partnership as builder of the MACH2 foiling Moth and the WASZP.

The canting keel Melges 40 represents the first Melges keelboat built entirely of carbon material.

The 8 metre long vessel was sealed in a shipping container ready for transport to Hobart, Tasmania.

Team Windcraft has created a beginner's package to include first year essentials like sailing and berthing lessons, safety training and servicing.

This latest model from Jeanneau's Yacht range brings large luxury into everyone's grasp

Following on from its little sister the 3600 from Jeanneau is fast on the race track and in winning awards

Adapted to solo, doublehanded, and crewed regattas, the Sun Fast 3600 is designed to compete in both inshore and offshore races.

When new, Nicorette VI’s completed hull only weighed 10 tons, with a further 10 tons in the keel.

Multihull Solutions offers new and used catamarans and trimarans from their offices in Mooloolaba, Gold Coast, Sydney, Auckland and Phuket.