The 2017 European,and World Championships and the Aarhus test event will all be raced in foiling Nacras.

Five odd years ago, in his fifties, Yorky became an adrenaline junkie after discovering the sexy, fast VX One in 2012.

The application of the sports package allows for the smooth transition from cruiser to club racer.

Derelict vessels are a problem with which almost all coastal communities wrestle.

Council chairman Bill Shepherd said the trophy typically went to an individual but it could be awarded for any acts or services which promoted, advanced or bettered the sport of yachting.

The cash-back offer applies to buyers who pay the full deposit prior to March 31, 2017.

Using local contractors, five vessels were removed from Trinity Inlet and five from Wynnum Creek at a total cost of just over $200,000.

Stepping on board Phil Ross's initial thoughts are that this is different. But just how different is this Turkish Azzuree?

More than 25 of the model are already in Australia and are proving comfortable cruisers as well as competitive club racers.

There will be a display of catamarans for sale and also a chance for potential charter boat owners to learn what it takes to make a successful business from the charter industry.

“We are aiming to host the largest Viper regatta ever outside of North America with 20 Western Australian Vipers eager to go up against some of the best Viper sailors coming in from around the world.”

More than just a boat show, Hobart turns on a treat

The Takacat dinghies range from 2.4m to 3.8m with either an open bow or closed tapered bow.

The Open Day will feature an extensive range of new and pre-owned multihulls, set within a festive atmosphere of food, wine tastings and a floating art gallery.