Microsoft billionaire’s innovative and eco-fuelled 112m Aqua vessel is to launch after 2024.

Apart from admiring everything wood, visitors will have an opportunity to tour and experience sailing on one of the four tall ships attending.

There is a risk of hatches delivered before September 2018 detaching from their frames, which could affect safety during navigation.

Editor Phil Ross reviews the latest model from Bavaria to check the direction this rejuvenated brand wishes to pursue.

The biggest boat show in the world is the best opportunity to see what is coming in 2020.

Authenticity and a passion for performance are the core principles behind Philippe Briand’s new sailing superyacht concept, the SY200.

The event will give insight into the craftmanship of wooden boat building and maintenance and host a range of boating races and displays along the Geelong Waterfront.

The foiling arrangement can be fully removed when not foiling to reduce wetted surface area.

The 41-foot Noosa Cat, the largest rescue vessel on the Broadwater, had its engines replaced after 4,500 hours and at a cost of around $150,000.

The ability for these vessels to charter will unlock an estimated 11,800 jobs and $1.64 billion in revenue to the Australian economy by 2021.

These composite built yachts are durable and perform to their rating both upwind and off-wind as evidenced by their performance in the very tough conditions experienced in the 2019 Fastnet and Middle Sea races.

“While the yacht may not be in a pristine condition, its purchase will give the new owner an interesting tale to tell.”

SP80 plans to achieve 80knots (148km/h) using a boat with shaped hulls, propelled by a kite wing while the overall stability is reached thanks to super ventilating hydrofoils.

Leaving a boat in the water during a frozen Minnesota winter can carry numerous risks. Among them, a fibreglass hull can succumb to the intense pressures of expanding, shifting and heaving ice.

Ocean Guardian BOAT01 provides a large and powerful protective safe swimming area up to 8 metres deep and 6 metres wide.