Zhik's new ultra-quick release T3 trapeze harness

Zhik continues to offer new products in the performance dinghy market, with the launch of the new T3 Trapeze Harness exceeding previous levels of quick release safety, performance and comfort.

In addition to excellent back support and unhindered movement, the T3 Harness is designed with a unique quick release Velcro system (patent pending). Zhik's concept is that it is not just the trapeze hook which can get caught, so getting free of the entire harness is vital. In two quick and simple steps the sailor can rapidly remove the harness in an emergency situation, such as a bad capsize.

The secure double Velcro waist closure system is designed to give excellent close-fitting support. Yet a firm, direct pull on two high-vis ripcord grab tabs, instantly breaks the hold of the Velcro. With a quick unclick of the chest buckle, the harness falls away from the body within seconds. Similar to pulling a parachute ripcord, the rubber trimmed tabs are easy to grip, are positioned in easy reach, yet cannot be caught or activated accidentally.

The T3 is an intelligent refinement of Zhik’s T2 harness 2D Velcro system, which could be removed quickly and has already averted potential fatalities. The T3 Harness has a refined release process, reducing the speed of harness ejection from around ten seconds to just one or two, enabling you to swim free. Potentially, these are crucial seconds if you are trapped in the water.

Designed with input from Zhik’s team of elite dinghy sailors, the T3 offers personalised lower back support through a combination of the Velcro waist adjustment and the movable lumbar support. This enables a snug and secure fit to support your pelvis and keeps your hook in close contact with your body. There are no buckle adjustments or lacing eyes in your lap, which can catch or impinge on your movement as you crouch down or flex your hips during manoeuvres. The internal lumbar support pad is adjustable to fit the natural curve of your spine.

For powerful trapeze dinghies and catamaran sailors, Zhik's flexible, impact protection Kollition Spine Pad can be fitted into a pocket in the back of the harness, to protect from injury during a high speed stop.

The spreader bar is interchangeable to enable servicing or switching in your preferred hook system. Shaped to enable easy torso rotation whilst on the wire, the T3 also uses a stretch fabric for the harness crotch design, for enduring comfort.

Made from a robust, perforated 600 denier nylon for quick water drainage from spray, the mesh construction also increases air flow to keep you cool. The addition of a ZhikTex II reinforced seat panel both protects from wear, plus it adds some grip on the side decks too.

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RRP: AUS$349.95
Available February 2019

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