Zhik now in New Zealand

Patrick Langley who headed the marine products division of Line 7, has now heading up Zhik New Zealand.

“With the sad demise of Line 7, it is refreshing to now be part of a fresh new brand with such a focus on innovation,” said Patrick Langley. “The designers at Zhik derive products for the racing sailor and I am very confident that this will be embraced. It is very much out with the old and in with the new.”

To date the Zhik brand has mostly been known only by sailing athletes, however with Patrick at the helm for Zhik New Zealand, there is a great expectation that this will change. Coincident to this announcement is the arrival of a new range of wet weather gear, ready to take on all aspects of sailing.

“As Zhik is a relatively new company, we can be nimble in our marketing strategy, fast on our feet, and quick to make positive decisions on how to accelerate our growth on a global scale,” said Brian Conolly, managing director of Zhik. “Our decision to place Pat at the head of Zhik New Zealand right now is an example of exactly that. It is also an example of our attitude that breeds rapid success of the Zhik brand”.

Pat announces the release of the Isotak line of gear from Zhik today, with some very interesting new technical aspects. Isotak is a three layer fabric with a modern internal membrane to give the material a very high waterproof and breathable specification. Other three layer fabrics used in the industry use a middle layer that is perforated with tiny holes, so it can still ‘breath' water vapour while remaining waterproof. These membranes are based on the original discoveries of Gore back in the 70's. In Isotak, however, the membrane is a modern polymer that is non-porous and yet it will still breath to high specification using a hydrophilic action.

“Isotak has no holes,” said Pat,”so no salt will get clogged and the three layer material remains more durable, and more waterproof. It's definitely more modern than the perforated stuff of the 70's”

For further information please contact;

Zhik New Zealand
Patrick Langley
M: +64 9 889 7761
E: pat@zhik.com


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