Why the JPK 11.80 is Australia’s racer/cruiser choice

Announcing to the family you have bought a new yacht is more convincing when a “Racer / Cruiser” is emphasized.

That is exactly what the JPK 11.80 offers – a competitive IRC racer and a comfortable cruiser that is affordable, reliable and versatile, making it the ideal choice for Australian yachting families – compare the market.

A big plus is owners also have access to the production and technical teams as the JPK 11.80 is manufactured in Australia.

Access to the JPK Pacific infrastructure is unique and provides our owners with an upfront knowledge of their yacht in all aspects of the production process.

Proving its “Racer / Cruiser” features the JPK 11.80 is successful as an IRC racer in both 2 Handed and Crewed regattas globally and with the easy to sail layout the yacht is comfortable for family cruising with accommodation for 8.

Why a JPK 11.80 is the AFFORDABLE CHOICE :

Answer: Our support from the French Founder Jean Pierre Kelbert provides the benefit of constant input on all aspects of leading edge European design.

Answer: The JPK 11.80 is the ideal size as an affordable racer / cruiser with its high performance hull and the comforts of cruising with a spacious cockpit and well appointed saloon below.

Answer: The JPK 11.80 is an affordable production design that is a successful IRC Handicap racer in 2H and crewed racing.

Answer: The JPK 11.80 is “Made in Australia” by Innovation Composites a leading Australian yacht builder who have proven expertise and experience.

Answer: “Made in Australia” offers the opportunity to discuss “face to face” with the production and technical team of JPK and the ability to view the production process from start to finish.

Answer: The JPK 11.80 is the affordable and versatile alternative to the TP 52’s while offering owners potential Podium glory.

Answer: The JPK 11.80 is gaining popularity with Hull #1 in Melbourne. Hull 2 in Perth and Hull 3 in production.

Answer: The JPK 11.80.s  offer both Tiller and Twin Wheel options?

Answer: The JPK 11.80 is great value with a carbon Axion mast, electronics package and Volvo 30 as standard.

Answer: The JPK 11.80 is a production model however an extensive options inventory is detailed on our site www.jpkpacific.com

Answer: You don’t have to wait a year for your boat as the  build time is 16 weeks once options are scoped with our technical and production teams.

Answer: We offer confirmed buyers a test sail in Melbourne or Perth and in the near future Sydney.



For all details our site is www.jpkpacific.com
Facebook: @JPKPacific
Instagram: @jpkpacific

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