Why not head to Vanuatu for the Kastom Festival in August

All visiting yachties and miscellaneous hangers-on are invited to join in the celebrations and festivities at Vanuatu's inaugural Lakona Bay Kastom Festival.

To be held on the 23 & 24 August 2014 and hosted by Chief John Star, Father Levy (local Anglican minister) and the villages of the Lakona Bay region, you will be personally welcomed into the community to experience local customs; including dances, music, food, wood/stone carving, plus much more.

A good anchorage awaits you in the shadow of volcano Mt. Garet, where fresh water pours from the black sand at the top of the beach and where a raft of adventures await exploration on this unique and amazing island.

This festival represents a fantastic opportunity to join in and enjoy customs rarely seen.

To find out more contact Robert Latimer from MSM at www.msm.org.au


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