What do you give the sailor who has everything?

 It's a long time till Christmas, but this could be the solution for the sailor who has everything – a new steering wheel. According to a media release received by mysailing.com.au, we can now buy the same wheels as used in the Volvo or by other maxi ocean racers… 

Exit Engineering was the first company to develop a steering wheel made from a single moulded structure, successfully offering exceptional strength and low weight.

The European Patent Office has confirmed the innovation, originality and industrial applicability of the international PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application made by Exit Engineering for its manufacturing process of a monocoque structure. An Italian patent was granted at the end of 2008, and International Patents are awaiting publication.

The elegant three spokes design characterises Exit Engineering's steering wheels as the lightest and strongest available. The detailed development of this design through lessons learnt producing thousands of units, means that the Exit Engineering steering wheel that you choose is the same as the ones used on a Volvo Ocean racer or professional maxi racing yacht. An Exit Engineering steering wheel is ideal for anyone looking for a more responsive helm, light steering loads and enhanced comfort without sacrificing strength.

Once installed on board, Exit Engineering steering wheels dramatically change the look of the cockpit, thanks to a perfect combination of design and technology.Exit Engineering wheels are easily fitted and are supplied with a hub to fit the existing steering system.They are manufactured in Italy and are CE certified.


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