West System ® – 40 Years at the Forefront of Epoxy Technology

ince 1969, West System® Epoxy manufacturer Gougeon Brothers, Inc has been known for its consistent, high-quality epoxy products and unparalleled technical support. This year, the company celebrates its 40th year in business.
Company founders Meade and Jan Gougeon started out building production iceboats at their Bay City, Michigan shop, using epoxy for these lightweight, sail-powered vessels. By 1971, the brothers had formulated an epoxy system ideally suited to their boatbuilding and named their formulation West System.

Over the years, Gougeon Brothers, Inc ., has earned wide recognition as an authority on epoxy. Continual formulating, testing and improving of West System resin and hardener formulations has produced the most reliable and well-balanced epoxy system available, and it is now recognised as the world's leading marine epoxy.

ATL Composites has been manufacturing West System brand epoxy products in New Zealand and Australia, under licence to Gougeon Brothers Inc, since 1977. An extensive national Distribution / Dealer network has been established in both countries to ensure that West System brand products are readily available to the market, with local support for product supply and technical advice.

ATL Composites has enjoyed steady expansion in Australia during the past 29 years, and is now expanding the Distribution of West System epoxy products throughout Asia. West System products, manufactured in Australia, are now available from local Distributors in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, The Philippines and China.

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