Ultims – Charles Caudrelier and the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild back on the racetrack

Saturday 24 february 2024 – After a three-day wait in Horta, in the main marina of the island of Faial, the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild headed back out to sea this Saturday 24 February at 10:45 UTC, which equates to a stopover of around seventy-eight hours. Charles Caudrelier originally sought refuge in the Azores at daybreak on Wednesday 21 February to let some very bad weather roll through in the North Atlantic on the approach to Brest. Though conditions are forecast to be lively for the 1,200-mile passage, which the leader of the Arkea Ultim Challenge still has to cover to reach the finish, they are now deemed acceptable in the eyes of the skipper of Gitana Team and his routing cell to cast off and head back out to the open ocean. It is set to be a prudent passage in the stormy tail of a depression with a new ETA for the finish in Brest reckoned to be between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.


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