Trio of boats fight for early lead in Palermo-Montecarlo

After almost 30 hours of navigation, the fleet of the Palermo-Montecarlo is expectedly dealing with a rather uncertain situation because of the very unstable sea and weather conditions.

“On the Tyrrhenian Sea there is a very high pressure, and everything that follows. Vera (with Bouwe Bekking and Michele Regolo on board), Bruno Cardile’s Ad Maiora (with Andrea Pendibene and Morgane Poupon) and Adelasia di Torres, owned by Renato Azara (with Lorenzo Bodini on board) lead the fleet,” explained Race Director Alfredo Ricci, already in Montecarlo to prepare the first arrivals.

“These boats made different tactical choices as can be seen from the tracking. They're followed by Arobas2, Aragon and Ambersail2,” he said.

“It will be the night to decide who will pass the gate of Porto Cervo in first position. The conditions remain very unstable, even if something in the west imoving in terms of wind, so in the next few hours there may be interesting developments”.

The fleet set sail from Sicily at midday yesterday local time, with crews anticipating a long, tactical race north along the Sardinian and Corsica coasts to reach the Principality.

This is the 15th running of Palermo-Montecarlo, originally designed by the Monaco Consul and the City of Paler.

Further information and tracking:

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