Transatlantic crossing – the Golden Globe for amateurs

In March 2019 ten amateur sailors will meet up on the east coast of the USA for a once in
a lifetime challenge. Can they learn how to navigate at sea using just the sun, moon,
stars and planets and then sail a 60’ yacht across 3000nm of the Atlantic Ocean to the
south coast of England?

The current Golden Globe Race (GGR) has caught the world’s imagination with its hardy group
of adventurers attempting to sail around the world solo, non stop and without any electronic
navigational aids. Inspirational sailors like Jean Luc Van Heede and Susie Goodall have led to
a huge surge in interest in ocean sailing and the ancient art of celestial navigation. Now the
GGR and Rubicon 3 Adventure Sailing have teamed up to give everyday sailors the chance to
take on the challenge themselves.

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean is a serious undertaking for anyone, and doing so using just a
sextant for navigation even more so. The ten crew will face daily challenges not just to keep the
yacht sailing well but also to snatch glimpses of the sun or the stars to find their position and
make sure they are on course first for the Bahamas, then Bermuda and the Azores. Their
determination and spirit will be rewarded after nearly 3000nm at sea with the huge achievement
of making landfall in England and hearing the call that has resonated amongst sailors for
hundreds of years ‘Land ho!’

Explaining what led to the idea, Rachael Sprot, founder of Rubicon 3 said, “What the Golden
Globe has done is incredible. We have never known so many people gripped by the daily
drama of a handful of solo sailors working their way around the world. This is now a chance for
those who have been inspired to come and try the challenge themselves. They absolutely don’t
have to be an experienced sailor or athlete to apply. What will determine their suitability is
simply the right mindset and a decent sense of humour when we haven’t see the sun for three

Don McIntyre, founder of the Golden Globe Race added, “This race has captured the
imagination of people all around the world. I have spent most of my life on one adventure or
another and that mindset of just doing it is everything. We share Rubicon 3’s passion for
opening up this type of adventure to as many people as possible and would urge anyone
contemplating doing it to grab the chance while they can.”

Key Information
• Event is being run by Rubicon 3 on S/Y Starling, a Clipper 60
• 10 crew positions are available
• No previous experience is required.
• Age range for applicants is 18-70yrs
• Full challenge details can be found at:  Transatlantic Sailing Challenge (
• Celestial navigation training start in Key West, USA on 29 March 2019
• Leg 1: Key West to the Azores March 29 – April 27 2019 (crew entrance fee £3,300)
• Leg 2: Azores to England April 28 – May 12 2019 (crew entrance fee £2,298)
• Full Atlantic Crossing March 29 – May 12 2019 (crew entrance fee £4,550)
• Applicants are required to be in good health and should contact for more information or visit

Jeanneau SO380
M.O.S.S Australia