Tomazs Chikocki prepares to sail around the world again

Captain Tomazs Chikocki, who had his 56th birthday whilst doing his solo run around the world in a Delphia 40, during 2011, 2012, is at it again!!!

Departing Brest, in France, early in August for another little jaunt around the world, single handed and non stop, but in a Delphia 47 this time. This is the largest sailing yacht Delphia produce at this time, so Tom
should find it a bit more comfortable, and faster, assumably cutting quite a bit of time off his previous voyage.

Tom is an adventurous soul, having sailed solo, in 2007,  a Transatlantic crossing, from Europe to Florida, in a 22ft yacht with no engine and a VHF transmitter (range about 25miles) his only source of communication.

As you would be aware, The Delphia 47 is quite a bit bigger that the yachts we have become accustomed to doing these solo non stop voyages, the S&S34 being the most common, but it is a testament to the stability and responsiveness to the helm and ease of handling with the Delphia range of yachts, yachts this size usually needing a few crew members to sail and handle.

– Allan McDermott/Townsville Slipways Boatsales.

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