TMG Cruising Guide to the Kimberley

Our friends at The Multihull Group have put together a fantastic guide to the Kimberley.

An ancient landscape of raw and powerful beauty, spectacular sunsets, ochre rock formations, prolific wildlife, majestic canyons, freshwater swimming holes, breathtaking waterfalls and Aboriginal rock art … The Kimberley is one of the world’s most precious and unique wilderness regions, considered by many to be Australia’s final frontier. Protected by its remoteness, there are very few sealed roads in the Kimberley, so the vast majority of its ancient landscape is only accessible by sea. Yes, it can be viewed at a distance from the air, but we think the only way to explore its nearly 13,000 kms of largely untouched coastline and thousands of tiny islands, is in person on your Lagoon catamaran. And even though the Kimberley Coast has become an increasingly popular destination for cruise ships and charter boats, its sheer size and remoteness ensures that it still remains uncrowded and largely untouched – you may well go for days without seeing another boat! It’s hard to narrow down a list of top places for this northwest corner of Western Australia that covers hundreds of thousands of square kilometres and is almost three times larger than the entire land area of England, however these are some of the “must see” destinations to explore in the Kimberley on your Lagoon.

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