The Ocean Race and Cabo Verde will team up to protect and restore ocean health

Following a successful stopover and hosting of The Ocean Race Summit in January 2023, Cabo Verde and The Ocean Race will focus on protecting and promoting ocean health through sport and science…

Cabo Verde and The Ocean Race have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that could see the island archipelago host stopovers and future meetings of The Ocean Race Summits in partnership with the iconic around the world sailing event.

The MOU would see The Ocean Race Summits – a congress of changemakers from across government, industry, NGOs and the scientific community – return to Cabo Verde, as well as the racing fleet during the next around the world races.

The arrangement was announced in New York on Monday afternoon by Ulisses Correia e Silva, the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde, who was participating in the latest The Ocean Race Summit by tabling a proposal to the General Assembly of the United Nations on Ocean Rights.

“Cabo Verde and The Ocean Race have established a special partnership through the signing of an MOU today. This collaboration is designed to promote the Rights of the Ocean, the Ocean Science programme, the blue economy and Cabo Verde as a tourist destination in water sports and eco-tourism,” the Prime Minister said at The Ocean Race Summit, as Cabo Verde leads the charge on this critical diplomatic path forward to restoring ocean health.

“In Cabo Verde we have a partner who is pushing forward at the leading edge of a movement and shares our vision that sport can play a role in protecting the ocean,” said Richard Brisius, Race Chairman of The Ocean Race.

“In January of this year we hosted a very successful edition of The Ocean Race Summit in Cabo Verde and together with Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva, we welcomed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to discuss the importance of Ocean Rights as a way to protect and restore health of the ocean.

“This week we have taken another step on that journey with the introduction of Ocean Rights at the United Nations. This is the first step towards a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights, in Cabo Verde, and in Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva, we have a steadfast partner to join us on this mission in a way that will benefit all stakeholders of the Race.”

Working towards a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights is part of The Ocean Race’s multi-award winning ‘Racing with Purpose’ sustainability programme developed in collaboration with 11th Hour Racing, a Premier Partner of The Ocean Race and a Founding Partner of ‘Racing with Purpose’.

The islands of Cabo Verde have long been a tactical landmark for sailors competing in The Ocean Race, who have historically needed to decide whether to weave between the islands, or to avoid the potential wind shadows by giving the archipelago a wide berth.

The 2023 race was the first time the race made a stop in Mindelo, Cabo Verde and the stopover was a great success with over 70,000 visitors to Ocean Live Park and over 2,200 school children taking part at in-person educational workshops.

The Ocean Race Summit in Mindelo had 344 participants and 40 international media covering the event. Speakers included: Ulisses Correia e Silva, Prime Minister Cabo Verde; António Guterres, United Nations Secretary General; António Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal; Austelino Correia, The President of National Assembly of Cabo Verde; and Charlie Enright, the skipper of 11th Hour Racing Team.

The 14th edition of The Ocean Race finished in July in Genova, Italy with 11th Hour Racing Team (USA) as the winning team. As part of a ten-year plan, the next two editions of the around the world race will take place in 2026-27 and 2030-31, while The Ocean Race Europe will take place in August/September of 2025 and again in 2029.

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