The ExclusivE 76 enters the scene!

The ExclusivE 76 was launched at the end of August for her first public presentation at the Cannes Boat Show 2009. The “ExclusivE Marine” cruising maxi-catamaran received a very warm welcome in the Mediterranean.

Designed by architect Gilles Ollier, the creator of the maxi-catamaran Orange and Magic Cat, she is destined for fast cruising and heavenly anchorages.

“Sailing in 10 knots of breeze, 50 degrees off the wind, the ExclusivE 76, the first of that name, reaches speeds of over 9 knots. This totally lives up to our expectations and our forecasts” states Georges Benarroch, President of ExclusivE Marine. “This owner's version, designed with the client's desires in mind, matches the original idea behind the boat; namely a real weight of 40 tonnes and no more, a real performance for a yacht of this size and maximum modularity of the interior space”.


Stéphane Della (SD Yacht Consult), skipper and consultant for ExclusivE Marine during the Cannes boat show: “We took the boat out on the water on two occasions during the Cannes boat show and I can safely say she's a yacht of noble birth. In the light conditions she performed very well for her type. The ExclusivE 76 is a success. Her lightness (40 tonnes) makes her unique amongst the cruising maxi-catamarans on the market of this size (76 foot). Added to this she is a comfortable boat for both owners and charter companies alike. She would also be easy to sail in big seas as the bridge deck is 1m20 above the waterline, which is a rare feature. I was amazed by the interior space given that she's rather a narrow catamaran. The interior saloon is huge and the field of vision, with its 360 degree wraparound windows is beyond compare. In short, the ExclusivE 76 is a high performance cruising catamaran without being extreme, with an appealing level of comfort”.


The ExclusivE 76


70m²: largest deck saloon/ lounge area in its category
40 tonnes: controlled displacement of the ExclusivE 76
23.20 metres: LOA
21.40 metres: waterline length
10.50 metres: beam
3 or 4: number of cabins according to the future owner's wishes
311m2: surface of the upwind sails
1.30 metres: draft (pivoting daggerboards)


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