The end to a perfect cruising day: brought to you by Nanni generators

The purpose of owning a yacht is to go sailing. For readers of Cruising Helmsman that means to get away from it all and get out there.

A marina berth is all well and good, but the real reason you have such a berth is to make it easy to go sailing; and the reason for going sailing is to enjoy peace and quiet. Seclusion is the preferred outcome: away from the noise, the hustle and bustle, the demands, the deadlines. The opportunity to drop the hook and drop the cares and woes.

These are the moments to generate memories that live.

Maybe a dip over the side or a afternoon nap under the bimini in the cockpit. Nothing but the gentle breeze, the lapping of the water and the sounds of nature.

As the sun sets it is time for an evening sundowner drink, along with some bite-size snacks. As the night progresses the lights come on to prepare and eat dinner. After, maybe it is time to retire to the saloon or the bunk and have a quiet read or play board games, or even listen to some favourite music.

Memories such as these do not just happen: pre-planning and preparation is required. Refrigeration and maybe even air conditioning, along with lighting and power for cooking; all are required but all are drains on a yacht’s battery reserves.

One surefire way to ruin the peace and quiet you have been seeking is the need to run the yacht’s engine to keep the batteries charged. To generate lasting memories maybe you should consider a generator on board.

A yacht’s engine is designed to do one thing, power your propeller; which it does extremely well. A genset is designed to power your batteries; therefore it can be on a smaller footprint, more tightly encased and insulated and run at a lower, quieter speed to do its job. Retaining that peace and quiet you seek.

Yacht gensets have been doing just that for decades and, as technology has grown, the generator needed to keep your batteries charged and your memories alive has shrunk.

Nowadays there is a genset suitable for any size yacht.

For over 40 years Nanni Diesel has been represented locally by Nanni Diesel Australia. With a full range of diesel generators delivered, assembled and ready for installation, Nanni has the power to suit any dreamer.

As boats become more advanced and technology becomes more integrated in our lives, boat owners are demanding more in terms of strong reliable power. This power can be provided by the Nanni range of 240 volt marine diesel generators. They range from 5 kilowatt to 35kW and are powered by the reliable Kubota diesel with Nanni’s freshwater cooling through a heat exchanger.

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